Your accomodation to visit Thanjavur and enjoyed Indian life 


Paddy Homestay is located in the village of Vadakkur, a few kilometers from Thanjavur.

You will discover in THANJAVUR the foundations of the remarkable kingdom of Dravidian history.

Visit the magnificent Chola Temple Brihadishwara World Heritage and the Royal Palace.

Within 1h, TRICHY and its famous Rock Fort Temple, perched 83 meters high, overlooking Trichy.
Within 1h15, DARASURAM and Airavatesvara Temple dedicated to Shiva (1146-1163).
Gangaikondacholapuram, eleventh-century temple, dedicated to Shiva.

The rooms

4 accomodations installed amongst palm trees and coconut trees, sporting their cheerful colors.

Paddy Homestay offers 4 separate bedrooms. Built in the traditional style, they have been furnished by local craftsmen.

Each room has an open bathroom with shower and separate toilets - a ceiling fan and air condition.

A lovely veranda gives a taste of the serenity coming from the place...

You can book your meals on place and have lunch and dinner in the garden.
The reception office is next to the rooms.

In the heart

of a village

A few hundred meters from the village, one reaches Pady Homestay by a small road winding through the rice fields. A clean, ecological environment, a serene and idyllic location.

It's a village, a true family that welcomes you.

So, you can travel the roads of the village on an ox cart, meet the villagers, visit the school, reach out to local craftsmen....

The opportunity also to appreciate the wonderful local food proposed by your hosts.

A total immersion in the heart of an Indian village and its population.



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